Child protection –

Child protection

A child born in a discriminated group is at a greater risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation. There is a lack of protection system and improper execution of laws making children vulnerable. Children are sexually abused and forced into child marriage, child labor and child trafficking.

Our child protection programme is focused towards ensuring children’s rights are fully recognized, encouraging and enabling them to promote well being and development of themselves. We work towards creating a better environment for children where they are protected, respected, empowered and active in their own protection helping them to make choices, to express themselves, to communicate effectively and are to be able to speak about abuses.

Child labor and child trafficking are closely related since large numbers of children are being trafficked not only commercial sex exploitation but also for labor. Our aim is to make them social and culturally unacceptable. Quality monitoring and research is being done on a regular basis to identify good practices in care and protection of vulnerable and abused children.  Children will only benefit from this policy if they are aware of their rights and are given the proper environment in which to
exercise them.

Ignite promotes meaningful and moral child participation since it is one of the integral parts of a child’s development. It is important that children understand their wants, needs, hobbies and areas of interests. We, at Ignite, provide opportunities and space for children to participate in activities that are not only of their interests but also help them to gain skills in various fields. It is the right of these children. They explore the possibilities of their lives by being offered choices and having to prioritize them.

Children’s interests affect their participation in activities, the way the engage themselves in activities and their development of new understanding and abilities. The everyday activities provide the contexts for interest-based learning for these children. Ignite uses the interests of the children for their involvement in everyday activities making them occupied by playing, interacting and participating in the activity.

By engaging children in activities Ignite helps them to practice existing capabilities and learn new skills. With interest-based participation in everyday activities we aim to encourage

  • positive child engagement
  • positive peer social interaction
  • increased communicative competence
  • positive child behavior
  • child developmental progress